For many years, business and science were seen as two distinct worlds. Scientists have been viewed as people who are solely focused on expanding the frontiers of knowledge, whereas business professionals are responsible for transforming that research into new products and services. To boost innovation, more focus is being placed on bridging the gap between these two fields.

This is particularly relevant to scientific fields like medicine, where the capacity to make sound decisions under pressure is essential to be successful. However, it is also true in more applied fields like engineering, agronomy, or computer science. In the last case the ability to solve problems and consider alternatives can be the difference between success and failure for a business.

It is also widely recognized that the scientific method is the most effective approach to take for businesses. This is why it is essential to commit to testing and re-iterating to achieve the desired results. In addition a thorough awareness of risk and uncertainty is essential.

There are some similarities between science and business but there are many distinctions. While business is focused on sustainable profits and sustainability, science is more concerned about sustainability in relation to resource usage. The drive for profit could result in the over-exploitation of resources, which can lead to its eventual depletion.

In the final analysis, whether you decide to pursue an academic career or business both require dedication and effort. If you’re in the right mindset and attitude, the rewards could be substantial.