Within the “He Enjoys Me Perhaps not,” Band Band tries to get married a phony Garu to disappointed Pucca

Pucca and you may Garu’s dating is just one of the fundamental concentrates regarding new collection (the Flash series in addition to Program). On the net pants, solutions in which Garu seems to get back their affections. It series, but not, is yet another amount. It could be debated even in the event Garu returns attitude from love toward Pucca]. Even if the guy always runs off the girl, it can be contended that he is simply bashful/embarrassed otherwise also seriously interested in their degree to behave with the his emotions. Because Garu is only thirteen years old, he might not acknowledge their currently established, perhaps increasing, attitude on her behalf.

  • Inside Ping pong Pucca, Garu played with Pucca as the their this new teammate against Tobe and you can Muji.
  • In Let’s Go Fly a great Ninja, Pucca assists Garu by the controlling her kite when you find yourself he is inside thus they can defeat Tobe and his kite.
  • Within the Romancing the fresh Clone, Garu grins at Pucca whenever she puts at his duplicate on to this new wall that they both synergy to help you assault his duplicate.
  • Into the He Wants Myself Maybe not, Garu kicks the wedding cake to your Ring Ring’s face, making the woman unwind their grip and possess sucked towards the snap vortex.
  • When you look at the Sooga Super Group, Garu, Pucca, Ching and you can Abyo most of the interact to help you beat Master Soo’s evil sibling, Mel.
  • About Sooga Area Cooking Battle, Garu assists Pucca whenever Dumpling does not work out to cook.
  • In finding Honey Dumplings, Pucca, Garu, and you will Ching collaborate locate a new honey getting Grandmother.
  • Regarding the Chefs’ Trips, Pucca and you can Garu form teams to find shrimp, and you can find yourself assaulting facing Tobe and his awesome ninjas.
  • Throughout the Basketball Race, Garu pairs up with Pucca up against Abyo and you may Ching within their basketball game.

It is very important note that from inside the Pucca:Like Recipe (Season 3), Garu has actually another profession as an ingredient beginning boy for the Goh-Rong Cooks, for example he hangs up to Goh-Rong (and you can Pucca) even more will.


Pucca was a very strong willed lady whom, in most cases, gets just what she wishes. There is certainly one thing that she wants above all else when you look at the the entire world: so you can kiss the woman ninja “boyfriend.” This isn’t the woman sole focus, but not. Inside the “Feud Challenge,” once to get saddened because of the their uncles fighting in addition to sadness of the city, she totally ignores Garu, far so you’re able to their glee.

From the series, Pucca are shown to have nearly superhuman overall performance. These are generally electricity, price and an outrage brilliant in certain cases it can easily actually affect the climate. Even if this lady has most of these abilities, she seldom spends these to the girl advantage during the trapping Garu.

Though it is not any secret you to Pucca have an eternal love having Garu, she immediately following almost let him wade. She actually is from the their relationships and watches unhappily due to the fact son she likes thus dearly is getting hitched to a different lady. This proves that in case Garu very wished an other woman in the lives she’d help your, no matter what unfortunate or enraged it might generate their. It isn’t through to the App bristlr actual Garu suggests hate on suggestion you to she serves.


In the Making out with Ice cream, which could be thought to be the lady first meeting with Garu, she falls crazy about him at first, and this refers to exactly how their you will need to conquer Garu perform begin, just like the seen in webshorts and one or two transferring series.

Garu hardly output any kind regarding love. He usually attempts to refrain Pucca’s attempts to kiss your, much so you’re able to Pucca’s frustration. It will be easy you to Garu do such as for example Pucca straight back since the guy appear to spends date with her. Nevertheless, he possess their go out by yourself due to the fact Pucca wants to be accessible him any type of chance she gets. not, throughout the original flash show, Garu is seen exhibiting significantly more love toward Pucca and they are so much more clearly showed since the a couple of.